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    Customers and entrepreneurs testimonials

    The work experience with Keren and the other lawyers in the firm is very pleasant and professional.
    The owner of the firm is directly and personally involved in each project and brings from her extensive experience in the field of real estate.

    I would like to commend my work with the firm. I am a senior partner in the law firm of Bruchstein, Reif, Rohr & Co. and am personally represented by the firm in a complex real estate transaction.

    A natural and innate talent for neutralizing and relieving the anger of a charged, defiant, hostile public, and the opposite.
    Original and accurate, a decent and pleasant lady, a sharp and professional lawyer, Keren Betzer.

    Keren Betzer has extensive professional knowledge that has helped us as a delegation to overcome difficulties between the members of the delegation and the tenants, while presenting the advantages and disadvantages of each difficulty / problem / question.

    I would like to recommend the law firm of Betzer Real Estate 360, headed by her,
    which specializes in the field of real estate in all its shades in a professional manner at the highest level while providing exceptional service.

    I am dealing with the law firm of Betzer Real Estate 360 in the Negba 62-64 project in Ramat Gan, where our company was selected as the developer to carry out a declared construction evacuation project. I would like to commend the professional work of the office staff who throughout has maintained integrity, professionalism, humanity and matter-of-factness.

    In my position as VP of Business Development at Avraham Amram, which was selected together with Shai Hai as an entrepreneur in a declared construction evacuation project in the Egged neighborhood in Pardes Hanna, which has 171 vacant families, all represented by Betzer, I can testify that the firm’s staff is very professional …