From my acquaintance with Adv. Keren Betzer as the CEO of the Israeli Construction Center, I would like to recommend Adv. Betzer Real Estate 360 headed by her who specializes in real estate in all its shades in a professional manner at the highest level while providing exceptional service, unconditional availability and understanding Customer needs.

Eitan Tzur

As the owner and VP of Business Development of the Gabay Group, I work with the law firm of Betzer Real Estate 360 in the Negba 62-64 project in Ramat Gan, where our company was selected as the developer to carry out a declared construction clearance project. All the way he maintained integrity, professionalism, humanity and matter-of-factness.

Eli Gabay

In my position as VP of Business Development at Abram Amram, which was selected together with Shai Hai as an entrepreneur in a declared construction evacuation project in the Egged neighborhood in Pardes Hanna, which has 171 vacant families, all represented by Betzer, I can testify that the firm’s staff is very professional. The delegations and tenants exemplary, humanely, fairly and completed the signing of the agreement in a short time breaking only one-month records.

Adi Gayer VP of Business Development
From Abram Amram

As a member of the representative office for the implementation of TMA 38/2, we were looking for a law firm to accompany us in this important process that has a variety of opinions among all apartment owners.

Before the selection

As members of the delegation, we set five criteria to make a decision that suits us which office will accompany us. Each criterion was given weight.

The criteria were:

  1. Practice in the field of urban renewal / professional knowledge.
  2. Availability for members of the delegation.
  3. Representation of developers / tenants’ representatives.
  4. cost
  5. Recommend

We inspected five offices, met with everyone and each member of the delegation rated his opinion.

The high rating was of the Ore Foundation.

And after the selection

Adv. Keren Betzer and her office staff have been with us since 2015.

Urban renewal / professional knowledge – Keren Betzer has a great deal of professional knowledge that has helped us as a delegation to overcome difficulties between the members of the delegation and the tenants, while presenting the advantages and disadvantages of each difficulty / problem / question. Offer a solution based on many years of experience in the field of urban renewal. The result – project promotion.
Availability – The project is complicated, not all members of the delegation / tenants are proficient in the field of construction, so there are many questions. Keren Betzer participated in follow-up discussions with members of the delegation and the tenants and answered any questions. The accessibility of the members’ representatives to the attorney’s is critical and its weight is high in the criteria.
The consideration for the tenant and the contract – a critical stage in the process deals with the consideration for the tenants. Keren’s extensive experience with many projects allows Keren to provide a real mirror for tenants of what can be received in return and what can not. Upon completion of this phase she must translate all professional loza agreements with tenant collateral.
Representation – Keren Betzer makes sure to represent only tenants and not entrepreneurs in order to avoid conflicts of interest. This approach gives us as members of the delegation a huge advantage in the accumulated professional knowledge that the fund has compared to other firms that represent both.
Transparency – All members of the delegation and tenants receive an update on the progress of the project on a regular basis.
Warranty – Over the years, an entrepreneur after signing an agreement with us regretted and we started the whole process from the beginning again.

In conclusion,

Highly recommend Keren Betzer’s office to accompany a representative from the beginning of the formulation of the idea until the delivery of a key.

Israeli Nissim,
Client, member of the representative of the TMA 38/2 project

I would like to commend my work with the firm. I am a senior partner in the law firm of Bruchstein, Reif, Rohr & Co. and am personally represented by the firm in a complex real estate transaction. I received and I get an excellent answer both at the professional legal level and at the business level. The firm is very available, professional, courteous and most importantly finds business and legal solutions in real time. Keep it up

Roi Bruchstein
A customer who owns land

To Whom It May Concern,

We are an escort and supervision office on behalf of apartment owners in urban renewal, which accompanies over 100 projects in the area
Tel Aviv, the tender and the Sharon. We are currently accompanying a number of projects within the framework of TMA 38 demolition and construction
And projects in the construction clearance track in collaboration with the law firm Keren Betzer.
The work experience with Keren and the other lawyers in the firm is very pleasant and professional. The owner of the office
Involved directly and personally in each project and brings from her extensive experience in the field of real estate.
The lawyers in the firm are professional, courteous and accessible and working with them is always pleasant and efficient.
In light of this, we always recommend the law firm Keren Betzer as a leading firm to accompany apartment owners in renewal

Yuval Shimrat
Partner at Flor Shemeret Development and Project Management

A natural and innate talent for neutralizing and relieving the anger of a charged, defiant, hostile public, and the opposite.

Original and precise, a decent and pleasant lady, a sense of humor devoid of cynicism, from the minority who know what he is saying – and do not say what he knows.

A sharp and professional lawyer.

Attorney Keren Betzer.

Avi Moskowitz

I would like to recommend the Ore Foundation Office. As an entrepreneur the firm represented a number of projects in front of me and the whole procedure was wonderfully managed. The tenants received an excellent response and many solutions were found both legally and commercially to carry out the projects. Straighten up and continue to be productive

Yuval Kedar

We made a big real estate deal with the firm, the team that treated us was caring, professional and knowledgeable in the field in an unusual way. The team provided us with the envelope we needed and gave his professional opinion on important issues before signing the agreements. An hour and every day.

Adi Zeltzer

Mivtach Shamir Holdings Ltd. is a very old client of Adv. Keren Betzer since she was an attorney in the firm of Adv. Firon, through Adv. Friedman and others and of course in recent years in her private office. In addition, Keren also accompanies us in all real estate transactions. The privacy of the company’s managers and a total of about 25 years of close legal support of all the group’s real estate transactions.

A professional and professional fund, controls the real estate taps and its laws on Borim while integrating them with a broad and deep business understanding, directs and manages all stages of the agreements at a high level with strict adherence to the required schedules and down to the last detail.
And beyond that – everything is pleasant, with full availability, discretion, decent pricing in market conditions, loyalty and real friendship.

Keren and her team work day and night to execute every deal on the best side and in the most pleasant atmosphere and honestly, rightly and diligently bought our warm and sweeping recommendation.

Limor Avidor

As CEO of A. Lupo Project Execution and Supervision Ltd. I work with the law firm of Betzer Real Estate 360 which represents the tenants in the Tobacco 11 project in Ramat Hasharon. I must note the dedicated care of the project, modesty alongside sophistication and intelligence, patience, willingness to promote and realize the project in a way that is worthy of appreciation and professionalism.

Real Shapira

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to you and the employees of your office. Thanks to your involvement in the Tama 38/2 project in which I was one of the apartment owners, the project came to a successful conclusion. This is after quite a few years of failed attempts.
I was very impressed with the initiative you found in locating a reliable contractor for the project, and the negotiations you conducted without bias with the contractor and developer who joined the project. You managed to navigate the complicated relationship between the apartment-contractor-developer and the developer in a reliable way and reach a win-win result, which we enjoy today.
After quite a few years in which the project has faltered, I am happy that I, along with the other apartment owners, have enjoyed your dedication, accuracy and professionalism and that of your loyal office workers.

Rafi Klein

We have known each other for about three years and together with the representatives of the Tenants’ Committee a complex eviction-construction project in Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv radiates security, professionalism and integrity in its faithful work. To everyone. Knows how to answer every question and confronts not simple real estate developers to say the least. Of course it is impossible not to mention Adv. Sivan Israel who helps her achieve her goals and the desire of the tenants.

Iko Lidji

We have known Keren Betzer attorneys for about 8 years, as part of our attempts to move the building in which we lived in a TMA 38 procedure. Keren represented the tenants all the way, all at no cost or consideration.

Over the years, Keren attended all the tenants’ meetings that took place on the subject, encouraged us to move forward, made every effort to bridge disputes between the tenants, and offered every opportunity to realize the project. Thanks to Keren, the developer who is to set up the project was found, and she prepared in front of him, on his behalf, all the required contracts and accompanying legal documents.

Over the years, Keren has encountered many objections from some of the tenants. This did not prevent her, even for a moment, from trying and bringing the project to fruition, for the benefit of all the tenants. Karen withstood many pressures, and could bravely handle them.

Throughout its years of representation, Keren has demonstrated kindness, empathy, striving for purpose, sensitivity towards each tenant (including the loudest), and most importantly – perfect professionalism in everything related to the legal aspects of the project, the relationship between tenants and the developer and so on.

We recommend Adv. Keren Betzer everywhere!

Kaiser-Les Foundation

I know Keren from two projects, one evacuation construction and the other TMA reinforcement. One of the best offices I know. Professionalism, dedication, availability.

Eddie Sahlo

Harni to confirm that Adv. Keren Betzer is an attorney on behalf of the tenants in a number of projects in which we were selected to perform supervision on behalf of the tenants.

I would like to mention the involvement of an attorney and problem solving in a professional and legal response, the concern for the tenants during the process, holding regular meetings with the various representations and the supervision company, close contact with the supervision company and providing an appropriate response.

Kobi Oron

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